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 Welcome the the 71st High School Class of 1977 Alumni website.  This site was designed to keep alumni connected and to publicize information regarding class of 1977 alumni and activities.  This is the official website for upcoming and future class reunions. 


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If You Did Not Attend The 40 Year Reunion, You Missed A Fabulous Weekend!!!

40 Year Class Picture Guys

40 Year Class Picture Ladies

40 Year Reunion Ladies

About 120 or so of us had an enjoyable weekend together. On Friday night, between 75-80 classmates attended a meet and greet where we enjoyed good food, good music and good fellowship. Though we had plenty of games available, corn hole was the popular game of the night. We enjoyed each other on Friday night until around midnight.
On Saturday evening, the first hour was spent reconnecting with those we may not have seen on Friday night. We gathered around 7 to take the class pictures before starting dinner.  After a few welcoming remarks by me, Doug Jolley shared a few words of encouragement to the class before blessing the food. 
After dinner, we took a few moments to honor those 45 brethren who have gone on to prepare for our final reunion. A presentation was shown followed by a moment of silence before Andre (AC) Powell offered a few words of prayer.  Michael L. Ross closed out the memorial portion of the evening with a heart felt song "I Never Would Have Made It".   
Dianne took us back to 1977 for a moment and reminded us what life was like 40 years ago:  the # 1 radio hit, the price of gas, president at the time, etc. Both Dianne and Coleen helped recognize our military, class mates with the most grand kids and great grandk ids, first time attendees, and those who have attended every reunion. Pictures of 1st time attendees and those who have attended all reunions are coming soon.
We brought back a class favorite from 10 years ago, "Falcon Jeopardy". Yvonne McClaine and her team narrowly edge out Doug Jolley and his team and were names the 'Least Forgetful' until our next reunion.
Coleen Crespo, Debbie (Kapp) Gordon and Libby (Mason) Ramsey rounded out the evening with the school song before turning the evening over to our DJ and Class of 76 alumni DJ Tommy King.  Tommy did an awesome job and kept us entertained until 1am.   

The class pictures are posted. Boris informed me that he has a flash drive of over 700 pictures.  He will provide that to me this weekend. Unfortunately I can't post all 700, but will start working on posting a few this weekend.
I would like to thank many of you for your generous donations over the last few weeks. Your donations allowed us to purchase additional food for Friday night, covered the registration fee of several classmates who did not have the funds to pay the registration fee.  There is small surplus of funds after all expenses were paid.  The surplus will be used to keep the website afloat for the next 5 years. Remaining funds after website expenses and future contributions will go toward reducing the cost of the 45th Year reunion. Edgar Milligan suggested each classmate contribute $20 toward making the 45th a no or low cost event. I suggested each classmate contribute $25 a year for each of the next 5 years ($125) and that would ensure a no/or low cost 45 Year reunion.  Use the "Donate " button at the bottom of 71stclassof 77.com website to make a donation.  
 Thanks again for all your support and look for more pictures in the coming days.
Below is a link to the memorial presentation honoring the 45 brethren who have soared!!

71st High School Class of 77 40 Year Reunion Promotional Video

40 Year Reunion - We Honor You Tonight Video

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