71st High School Class of 1977
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Class of '77 Falcons That Have Soared

Fred Reese Adkins II
Delores (LoLo) Andrews

Clarence "Cookie" Baker

James Sheldon Bishop

Johnny Bittner

Cynthia Antoinette Blackmon

Thomas Blue Jr.

Bobby Burney

Ernest John Brooks

Anthony Bruce Campbell

George Dailey

Ralph Lewis Deese

John Fox

Ricky Garner

Patrick Gillis

Bobbie Hall Packard
Jefferey Jackson

David Johnson
James Earl Judd

William (Fuzzy) Kennedy

Phillip Anthony King
Ernie Kington 

Donald Lee Kornmiller, Jr.
Jimmy Jay Lanuax

Dean Leavitt
Gwendolyn Mack Williams

John McClaine, Jr.

Kelly McCormick

Patricia McKinnon

Jennifer McNeill

Harold Thomas Northern
Nancy (Person) Tacorda

Cathy Riley

Ocalas Randolph

Carrie Rodriguez
Donald Ross
Lily Rector
Vincent Salone
Raymond Bradford Sawyer
James Wallace Thrash

Nelly Maureen Vaivao

James "Bud" Wall

Mike Waters

Robert Wells

Valerie Willis

Please submit pictures of the above or others who have flown on to cmclaughlin@vfhy.org